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Emil Kjellbom is one of our most reputable classical guitarists and is a well-established professional musician both in Sweden and abroad! Emil works as a professional concert guitarist, mainly as a soloist, but also in other chamber music constellations. He has been praised in the media / press for his "mature and convincing musicality", "beautiful tone formation", "driven technique" and "his ability to get the audience ..." "Emil has a very driven technique with a mature musicality and well thought out lines ... "and" a phenomenon! " , "A guitar virtuoso" (Ljusnan -2003) "Amazing!" (Hälsinge Kuriren -2003). "His driven technical skill and translucent knowledge of the works made him free to personally carve out the meaning of the music" (Östersundsposten / Bernt Carlsson) etc.

In addition to his impressive education, Emil Kjellbom has an unusually large concert experience. This combined with a varied and exciting repertoire makes his concert performances something really special, beyond the ordinary! He has played on a number of different and varied occasions, including at various music festivals, including the international guitar festival in Stockholm, tours under the auspices of county music, for the Swedish government, the blue hall / city hall, various concert halls and castles, and at corporate events, just for to name a few! The repertoire often includes own arrangements and transcriptions of, among other things, JSBach's solo violin sonatas and scores.

At present, Emil Kjellbom combines a solo career with teaching and cultural consulting assignments.

Emil runs the exclusive private school  Stockholm Guitar Academy  at Östermalm in Stockholm, since 2007, which with its new unique concept has expanded to interest guitar enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Emil is a passionate zealot in pedagogy and is passionate about passing on the traditions with the fantastic knowledge it means to handle the classical guitar. Each SGA member receives their own unique password for the website where additional additions are available in the form of video instructions on technique exercises and scales etc. All to strive to be at the forefront of service and pedagogy! 

Emil is chairman and driver  Classical Guitar Association (FKG)  which is a non-profit association, open to all guitar enthusiasts. The association works to promote the guitar's position and status in Sweden by arranging various concerts, events, courses, lectures, dinners with live performances, music trips, music recordings, etc.


Emil Kjellbom started studying classical guitar playing at Nacka Music School's special line at the age of 10 and this is where the great passion for classical guitar started! After high school, he was accepted to study at the Conservatory of Music in Falun, where Emil studied for Per-Olov Hedlund. 

After only 1 year of study, he was admitted directly to the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, where he studied on the 4-year "musician program" (Master of fine arts in music) for Rolf la Fleur and Mats Bergström.

In the autumn of 1999, he was accepted as the only guitarist, by hundreds of applicants on all instruments, for the prestigious soloist diploma program at the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music in England ("DPS" - Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Studies in Music Performance). There Emil studied for one of the guitar world's foremost profile, Simon Dinnigan. After 3 different diploma concerts (Solo, Chamber music and as a soloist with orchestra) Emil received a diploma with the highest grade "Distinction".

Emil Kjellbom made his debut in the spring of 2000 as a Diploma Guitarist when he performed with "Birmingham Sinfonia"  Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Guitar Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 99  in the concert hall "Adrian Boult Hall".

In the autumn of 2000, Emil also began further studies in Spain / Barcelona, following a personal invitation. This was something as unusual as a unique chamber music diploma program - Duo Diploma, Programa de estudios avanzados de guitarra, at Escola D'arts Musicals Luthier. During his studies, Emil performed with his guitar duo extensively in Spain and then received enormous attention for his virtuoso and intense artistry! This was followed by another 2 years at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm which results in a teacher & ensemble leader degree.

In addition to the studies mentioned above, Emil has participated in several international masterclasses for e.g.  David Russell , Marco Socias, Zoran Dukic, Rapaella Smits, Göran Söllscher and Per Skareng, among others

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