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About Stockholm's Guitar Academy

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The private form of teaching is for you who expect the little extra. When you study guitar at Stockholm's Guitar Academy, you can definitely expect just that! A great commitment and 100% focus on you as a student and your development has over the years resulted in a great popularity with interested guitar students from all over the country! The modern private school "Stockholms Gitarrakademi" is located centrally in Stockholm on Östermalm's historic Skeppargatan 41, a stone's throw from pulsating Östermalmstorg and Stureplan.

We have been inspired by various successful private instrumental training values across, including Spain, China, Japan and Germany and refined the whole to our own unique concept. All students receive a personal mentor, and artistry and theory are implemented in the education! 

During your first lesson, we plan together and design your new development plan, containing goals, sub-goals, important tools and pillars.

Your journey in the guitar art's fine art form will be characterized by inspiring and generous lessons. At the same time as you are constantly developing and undergoing different phases of knowledge, your musical and guitaristic skills are built up. You have fun and we work towards goals! You will of course have the opportunity to regularly participate in our regular concert evenings, which are arranged in our own spacious concert hall, or alternatively other nice concert venues on Östermalm in central Stockholm! We always offer coffee, food / snacks and drinks at our events. Sometimes we invite lecturers or guest artists to our large hall. What YOU students want, we will arrange for you! 

As an option, there is also our popular "SUNDAY GROUP GATHERING" which is of course voluntary but incredibly useful and fun.
Once / month, a group of students of different ages meet who, under management, train together to deal with the nervousness that often arises in a play / concert situation. We also practice interaction / hearing through guitar orchestra / ensemble and this lesson always ends with a good and pleasant coffee with reflection in our kitchen.

Artistry, stage design and easier theory (auditory theory, movement theory, harmony theory, tuning and music history) can be implemented, if desired. You are naturally prepared for higher music studies at, for example, the Academy of Music and international competitions. 

You choose your focus and level, and together your education is tailored to your own prior knowledge and personal goals! You get a solid training in classical guitar and get the best foundation in the art of guitar playing, where reading notes, easier theory and technique is as natural as it should of course be fun and inspiring from the beginning.

With us, you get a unique opportunity to calmly reach your personal goals and expectations together with the highly trained diploma guitarist and entrepreneur and business manager: Emil Kjellbom. Emil is one of Sweden's most experienced concert guitarists and educators whose popularity as an artist, educator, inspirer, mentor, lecturer is known far beyond our country. All our other educators are hand-picked and highly competent musicians / educators to suit our high demands! 

For groups / parents there is the opportunity to wait in the school's own lounge / kitchen area, it is also possible to wait inside the classroom which is also furnished with a sofa group. But it is usually the best focus when parents sometimes wait in the lounge, but it is up to you. All students and their possible waiting parties are offered espresso from our Nespresso machine, or regular brewed coffee or tea, and sometimes there are cakes / fresh fruit. There is always access to free and unlimited WIFI in the meantime.

Here at SGA, the company also conducts all concerts and tour planning, and in the meeting rooms there is regular contact with customers / organizers / sponsors. "Open house", mingling evenings etc, takes place regularly, you get an invitation exclusively as a member of SGA or Föreningen Klassisk Giitarr (FKG) or as a sponsor. 

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